Here's few suggestions
to start building!

  • Build a Rigamajig that can lift something.
  • Build a Rigamajig you can get inside.
  • Build a contraption to take you to the center of the earth
  • How many different ways can you join three pieces?
  • Build a contraption to send a bucket from one place to another.
  • Create something with four legs and a tail.
  • Give it a name.  Make up a story about where it came from. 
  • Build a structure that would allow you to live on a cloud
  • Build a contraption that would allow you to ride a whale.
  • Tell a friend about your invention.
  • What is the tallest structure you can make with 5 pieces?
  • Using 15 pieces make a contraption that can hold a 10 lb. bag of potatoes.
  • What can you build with 20 pieces?
  • Tell and write how your contraptions work.
  • Make a structure that incorporates a balloon in a useful way. 
  • Make a structure that incorporates an empty box
  • Make a structure that incorporates a chair.
  • Use the Rigamajig to make a friend.
  • Now that you have made a structure...look at your neighbor’s creation and find a way to join your two structures to make a new one. What might it do? 
  • Draw a picture of your Rigamajig creation and label the parts. Next, tell your neighbor instructions for how it works. 
  • Invent your own prompts, or play without prompt!