Locomotion Add-On Kit

• 103 parts total

Expand your Rigamajig Basic Builder to make rolling, spinning mobile contraptions. We designed patterns, silly faces and endless possibility into 8 different wheels. These can be fastened to planks or platforms in multiple ways- 2 short axles, 2 long axles, 2 large axles 3 casters, or 20 axle bolts allow wheels, propellers, pinwheels, and much more to spin freely. We've even included enough hex-nuts to secure them all. With eight long lengths, you'll never run out of our soft, easy-untie rope to pull, convey, fasten, or practice knots. 

There are 2 new types of wooden planks- a zig zag adds new possibilities for angles and height and a 60 degree curve affords curvilinear forms. And for the first time we have four distinct platform shapes to use horizontally, vertically, and everything in between.  We can't wait to see what you create!

Kit includes 2 storage bags.

Locomotion Add-On Kit must be used with Rigamajig Basic Builder and is not compatible with Rigamajig Jr.