Chutes Add-On Kit

• 93 parts total

Experiment with cause and effect, gravity, and systems thinking by transforming your Rigamajig Basic Builder into a system of chutes and ramps. We've designed cradles and hooks that attach to Rigamajig planks in multiple ways and support two lengths of extruded plastic chutes. Young builders can test their contraptions with the balls of assorted materials and sizes included with the kit, or with marbles, wheels, water, or anything else they can imagine. The exciting process of planning, collaborating, and building a ball run may become your favorite Rigamajig project!

Kit includes storage bag, extruded plastic chutes, cradles, balls, and additional sets of nuts and Rigamajig Wingbolts.

Chutes Add-On Kit must be used with Rigamajig Basic Builder and is not compatible with Rigamajig Jr.